Welcome to Known.Email

The nice little email secret in town!

Known.Email is a specialized, free email service to help you access merchants' websites/apps without passwords. Such merchants have to integrate our simple API first to get the password-less capability.

If you are wondering who a "merchant" is? ... Well, a merchant is anyone who has setup a "gated" website or app or desktop application. By "gated" we mean, a website/app/application where a membership is needed to enter and use it.

It is important that you read our general FAQ before reading this documentation. Here is the link: https://known.email/faq

Here is a 1 minute video explaining the advantages for all users:

... and here is another 1 minute video explaining the advantages for all merchants:

Even if merchants are not yet aware of us, as a user you have nothing to worry! ALL websites/apps that allow registrations with an email address can also use our system. It is after all a specialized email service.

Feel free to use the 5 free aliases as email addresses you can setup in your account to register and login to conventional websites/apps! You will miss the advanced features here but yet you can have a much more easier life than using your regular email. Simply add @my.known.email to the alias to convert it into an email address.

Psst... why don't you convince those sites/apps to implement our system? It will save both you and the merchant, a ton of headaches!

This documentation assumes that you have fully read our FAQ. We have two FAQs: one is the general one here. It is in nice digestible chunks. Reading at least that general FAQ is important. This documentation will assume you know generally how our system works. Yes, you can understand our system by reading that FAQ.

If you have deep questions regarding the technology, do read the faq at our special inbox we give to each of our users.

Note: In this docs, we use the male gender only for readabilty. Wherever the male gender is used; other genders are equally applicable

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