Quick Start

Eager to get going? Just do 3 steps!

If you do not like reading much; do the following 3 steps

  1. Get yourself an account here. You can get a free one in almost 2 minutes. Follow instructions on this registration page. Once you got an account, memorize the "Account Secret" given to you.

  2. Create an alias for yourself, by clicking on this link. Try to use a strange word (all small letters only) as an alias -- so that hackers/spammers cannot guess it. The alias command sent via that link is used to set such aliases into the current configuration of your account. You can now use that alias as an email address by simply attaching @my.known.email at the end of the alias. You can set five free aliases for your account. Extra can be purchased. NOTE: your account needs to be configured. Instead of giving you one large form for configuring your account; we use a simpler method: Each configuration in your account is set by a "command" that you give us at our commands page: https://known.email/commands That page has explanations for all the various commands you can use for your account configuration.

  3. Lastly go to your own special inbox here: https://inbox.known.email Give your Account Secret in there and press the Refresh button. That special inbox is the main place where all the emails sent to you would be received

To reduce chances of someone guessing your alias, choose one that is reasonably obscure and does not reflect you in anyway. Of course if you get unwanted messages you can always block the sender or the domain

That's it. You are reasonably sorted! Please follows us on Twitter here https://twitter.com/knownemail or on our Discord community Now test your special @my.known.email email address, by trying to register at some SaaS application - even those who do not know about our system.

Hmmm... try to create a Facebook account? Yes, you could try that using that email address except that we do not permit registrations/sign-ins to social media sites, dating sites, etc. Here is the complete banned list. So you could try something else. Maybe Trello? Notion? Basecamp? Slack?

If you see any merchant on the Internet that uses our password-less system, entering those sites/apps would be a lot easier: You don't have to provide your my.known.email email address. Instead just provide your alias there. That merchant will send you an encrypted OTP message! Click on the message and you are in! So your registration experience as well as the login experience to such merchant sites/apps are all one and the same! Wherever you sign-up all the registration and marketing emails will now appear at your own special inbox https://inbox.known.email Encrypted OTPs will be seen in the "encrypted" tab of your special inbox.

See this youtube video on how easy it is to use our special inbox, if you want to see a live action

Next steps?

Ideally, you must go through the extensive FAQ we have here -- it is broken down into nice readable chunks.

If you have detailed technical doubts our second FAQ at https://inbox.known.email would help you. You can set up your PGP private keys as explained there.

Now return back confidently, and read the rest of this documentation fully! Regular users can skip the topics written for merchants. But don't skip them if you are a merchant and want to use our API in your own Internet offering!


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