known.emails can be used to enter almost everywhere*

*Some merchants may not know about our system or refuse to integrate and you can still use our system there too! We do have a small banned list -- websites/apps on that list are not permitted.

After taking an account with us, you may wonder where can I use this system?

The short answer: Practically EVERYWHERE on the Internet -- which requires you to sign-up/sign-in processes using an email address. Such as a web application, mobile app, etc.

Note: We do not allow those sites where there is a chance people may use our system to create fake accounts. See our current banned list of domains.

Why? Because on the Internet today; it is quite commonplace to use an email address to create an account. How? Once you become a user; get yourself a free alias. That can be done by sending a configuration command to our server here. Every alias can be used as an email address by simply attaching next to it. So you can use that email address wherever you want to register/login.

Entry into your solution/app can be password-less For those merchants who have implemented our password-less system; you can simply give the alias in their entry form. Users would be allowed in without a password as the merchant would send an OTP link which the user click to get in. You can try this password-less way of entry at our "demo" merchant here

Here is a simple 2 minute video explaining how easy it is for your users to get into your website/app!

The simplest way to enter any website/app

But what to do if that merchant have not implemented our system?

You can easily turn any alias you had created for yourself in your account into an email address.

For example; if you had setup xxxx as an alias for your account, magically you are automatically given this email address too: That means now you can simply use that email address to sign-up and sign-in into various offerings that merchants give you on the Internet!

Of course; as those merchants have not integrated our password-less system; you would need to usually set a password in those systems and do all that is needed.

But one thing is for sure: ALL merchants would be able to send all their registration emails, marketing material, support emails into your special inbox here.


Psst.... why don't you write to those merchants who are unaware of us and request them to implement Known.Email as way to get membership on their solutions? It would save both you and those merchants a ton of headaches!

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