How do we charge? Koyns!

All accounts here are free. We only charge tiny amounts as per the features you use!

We invented a simple system of payment that helps you use your account really well and keep it recharged easily. We have our own "internal currency" It is called "Koyns"

Remember the coin-slot game machines you used as a child at a mall or video parlour? Usually a child would carry with him/her a bunch of these tokens so that when the video game halts inbetween, the child can insert another token. "Koyns" are like those tokens.

Another example: In some udipi Restaurants at Bangalore, before ordering you are instructed to go to the cashier's table and exchange your actual money for some plastic tokens. Then you exchanged the plastic token for the exact morning dish you wanted to eat, which caught your fancy that morning.

Well, Koyns are like those plastic tokens. You buy enough Koyns and credit your account with the amount your account needs to function. Each bunch of Koyns are represented by one special, unique Koyn code.

Once those Koyns run out, you can purchase more and credit them into your account. Here is our payment gateway page to buy any number of Koyns. Once you make a payment, make sure you get your Koyn Code that represents that particular set of Koyns you purchased. Just follow the instructions here:

More details on Koyns

As stated before; Koyns are our internal credits system. One can say, it is the "internal currency" that we use. We not only use it here in this solution. But we use it in ALL the solutions and services offered by us at Limen Leap Labs.

The value of One Koyn is ALWAYS 1/100th of an Indian Rupee (i.e. 1 paisa) As on Feb 15, 20121 it is approximately 0.00014 USD

Koyns allow fine-grained control on the charges we levy in all the products and services given by our company; Limen Leap Labs. So all our system works on a simple principle: You keep your account charged and loaded with sufficient amount of Koyns credited into it.

As you keep using your account, these Koyns keep reducing based on the amount of Koyns we charge when you use the features of our system. You can purchase one packet of a suitable number of Koyns from our payment gateway here . You can then credit those Koyns to your account using a Koyn Code. The correct Koyn Code for your purchase can be generated by you at The concept of a "Koyn Code" is explained later below.

What is a "Koyn Code"?

Each packet or set or bunch (or whatever term you want to use for the group!) of Koyns is represented by a unique "Koyn code". Think of the Koyn code as the code you see at the bottom of a currency note. And the number of Koyns in the packet as the denomination of that currency note. But unlike currency notes; you can buy a Koyn packet in any denomination you want; from our payment gateway.

Let me repeat: The correct Koyn Code for your purchase can be generated by you at

Crediting your account

Each of the solutions and services from Limen Leap Labs has its own method to credit the purchased Koyns into your account. The way to credit Koyns into your account will be clearly seen in this solution too.

Advantages of Koyns

Koyns allow you to use some parts of our systems elastically i.e. as per usage. If you had gone out on a holiday -- you don't lose out with monthly subscriptions. It is only when you actually use our system that Koyns are deducted. That too only for the features that you used.

Koyns can easily be transferred to anyone and even gifted to others.

The only restriction is that once a set of Koyns is credited to one account, the same Koyn Code that represented that set cannot be used to credit someone else's account too! That means; you cannot do "double-spend"

If you have Koyns left in your account; you can ask our system to return you those Koyns. Our system will generate a Koyn Code that represents your balance. Once that is done, your account balance would again become zero -- as now those balance Koyns you had are now captured inside that one neat Koyn Code.

As mentioned earlier; let me repeat: We at Limen Leap Labs have other offerings too... so you could use the Koyn Code in an account in any of those offerings.

Free Koyns

We sometimes give out Free Koyns to our users. Those cannot be returned back as a Koyn Code to be used in other solutions. These free Koyns are just incentives that we give so you have less friction when using a particular solution from us. They can be consumed in the solution where those incentives were given.

Koyns are NOT regular currency or cryptocurrency!

Thse "Koyns" form a closed currency -- that means; it works ONLY in our organization (Limen Leap Labs Prtivate Limited, India). You can ONLY get these Koyns from our own payment gateway and nowhere else. You cannot convert Koyns back to regular fiat currency or cryptocurrency of any type. Koyns cannot be traded in any currency exchange.

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