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This topic is only for those who are merchants. If you are a regular user -- i.e. one who uses our special inbox as a user only, then this topic is not for you.

The word "you" here indicates you as a merchant i.e. the person who is using our API The word "offering" means whatever SaaS/Software/Application/App etc where you allow entry of users from

The following 2 simple steps are mandatory for all API users

First step: Create a free account at Go to and choose one of the methods on how to get yourself a free account. Make sure you remember the Account Secret given to you. You can check the strength of the account secret here: If you think you got a weak password, you can remake the secret by sending in a command using the Commands page described in the next step.

As your intention is to use the API and not really to enjoy using the special inbox given by us; you can ask a responsible senior person in your development team to create the account.

Second step: You need to inform us that you are indeed a merchant and you would need to use our API at a particular domain. Go to and use the "MakeMerchant" configuration command. You would need to give 2 parameters. First one is the domain where you will use the API. The second is the static IP address of your server; from where the API would be called.

Common concepts applicable for ALL merchants:

  • All users that come from our system to your offering are guaranteed to get the same unique ID from us. This unique ID is specific to your domain where the API is used. If you have multiple domains, each domain would get a different; yet unique ID, possibly for the same user. To protect the privacy of our users; these user IDs are uniquely crafted for each domain where the users can potentially enter. But within that domain, the same user will get the same user ID

  • You can always send both regular messages and encrypted messages to any user. But make sure that you send such messages ONLY to those users who actually did become members of your offering. The only message that you are allowed to send before the user becomes a member at your offering, would an OTP message. If the user does NOT proceed with the entry despite you sending the OTP, you should NOT send any other message to such a user

For ALL API calls, our REST end point is: 

Our API is a well tested REST system. All the API calls use the "POST" method. All API calls MUST have the following two headers. So the API should ONLY be called from a server. If if the API is used from a browser, then you will risk losing your account, as your account secret would be seen in the browser source code.

X-KNOWN-DOM: X-KNOWN-ACC: your account secret

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