Privacy Policy

We are very serious about privacy

We do NOT collect your regular email address so we do not have the capability to send you emails. We may occasionally send you important messages into your own special inbox you get here.

We have several methods by which you can register an account here. Some of those methods may involve revealing some part of your identity to us (for example: when you send an SMS to us when you start an account, we will get to know your phone number) Such identifiable data would be used ONLY to create your account and nothing more.

Our users are not really creating any data in our system. We are just a messenger system -- a middle man, if you like -- who ensure that emails and messages sent to you are received in your account. We have NO control over the standards (such as privacy policy) of those merchants who send you emails/messages via our system. We have given controls to you by which you can block those emails/messages/senders/domains as per your requirements.

We do NOT use cookies in our system anywhere on our own servers. For some subdomains (such as this documentation) we use external services -- They may have their own privacy standards which we have no control over.

We may implement some statistical analysis system such as Google analytics. There could be cookies that those systems may set in your browser. Please note that those are NOT cookies created by our server.

If you want to completely delete your account with us, you can do so by sending the "DeleteAccount" command into your configuration. Use this link

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